Bird’s Thumb

I’m excited to announce that I have a poem in the latest issue of Bird’s Thumb.  Thank you to editors Nina Dellaria and Sahar Mustafah!  Bird’s Thumb is an amazing journal and the work they publish is always top notch.


Two New Publications to Start the New Year

Exciting start to 2018 – I have two new publications up today!

First is a poem entitled Urban Hobo Signs in issue 5 of the awesome Riggwelter Journal. Managing Editor Amy Kinsman does an amazing job putting together a quality journal every month, so check them out!

Second, a short fiction piece called Road Rash, in the inaugural issue of Coffin Bell, a new online journal of dark literature edited by Tamara Burross Grisanti and Sarah V. Parson. I was very excited that my creepy little story fit so well into their beautiful malevolency. Another great journal to watch out for!